Drowning in Piss-for Everyone to See!

I was invited to a watersports party and I decided to go, because I had never been to one before, and I figured it would be fun.  I got to the hotel room and inside was a bar, and a room full of hot guys and girls, drinking everything they could get their hands on.  They all wore robes or towels and there was golden shower porn playing on the big screen.  I was handed a towel and told to get changed.  I came out a few minutes later and everyone was gathered together, standing around an inflated play-pool, and I was called over and told to remove my towel and get inside.

I was told to lay down on my back and once I did, about 4 guys surrounded me, dropped their towels and robes, whipped out their cocks and began pissing all over me.  Then a big titted girl with a bald pussy got in the pool, squatted over my mouth, pulled my head back and pissed down my throat. Everyone was chanting, laughing and cheering her on.  I was gagging on her piss and was forced to swallow it because her pussy was pressed hard against my mouth.Once she had finished with me, everyone clapped and I was pulled out of the tub and told that I could go shower.  That was the wildest party that I have ever been to in my entire life.

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