Keeping time

I had a visit from my fairy god mother today. LOL. Well it was a fairy. Jordan is my best friend and gay as a 2 dollar bill. Flaming full blown gay. And they best friend a woman could have. And he stops by now and then to see how I am doing. But today, he needed a favor. He showed up with 2 young who he is supposed to help get ready for the drag show. But he was supposed to open the showroom and was running very late. So he asked if I could dress the boys and make sure they got off on time. I just smiled. Of course I can! First I took the youngest one. I helped him shower…mmmmm. Cleaned him and dried him. He got so hard while I was washing him. And drying him I couldn’t help myself. I sucked that cock till he shoot a big load in my mouth. Then I helped him dress. And let him wait down stair. The older boy I got to spend more time on. I washed and dried him. Then dressed him in the prettiest red poka dot dress. I even let him borrow a pair of my best fuck me pump shoes. He looked so nice. When he saw himself in the mirror her got so hard. I told him there was no way he could go to the show with a hard cock. I convienced him he had to let me take care of that before he left. I pulled my skirt up leaned over the bed so I could see us in the mirror. And I watched the nice young man in the pretty dress fuck me so good. It was fantastic! And I did get both of them off on time.

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