Family Fun with Daddy and Sissy

Family Fun Phone Sex with Daddy and Sissy!Me and Crystal had a great time with Daddy N today! We were being extra special naughty in the bathtub (giggles). Daddy came in and found us rubbing our puffy little pink nipples together and playing games like find the soap. We could never really find the soap though. All we would find is each others sweet little cunnies lol! Daddy joined in and tried to help us, “find the soap”. His big strong hands found our puffy little lips and boy did we start squirming and giggling! Daddy loves both his little girls very much so he took turns rubbing our sweet little bald pussies until he was about to pop! We took turns on Daddy’s great big cock licking and sucking and making it rock hard. I love my sister Crystal so I suggested she be able to fuck Daddy first. She sure did like that! She rode Daddy’s cock so good she squirted all over it! I had my tongue on Daddy’s cock so I could taste her dripping down. She tasted just like peaches and cream! Daddy took his turn with me while Crystal sat on his face and came again (giggles). Daddy’s cock filled my tight little kitty up so good I couldn’t help but squirt all over him. Daddy couldn’t hold out anymore so he busted a great big creamy load inside my pussy. My sister Crystal was only too eager to clean it out (giggles)! We love Incest Phone Sex calls! Thanks Daddy and Crystal, I’ll see you at bath time. Mmmmmm!

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