Keep on Truckin’

A mutual friend and fellow tranny turned me on to being a lot lizard. It is a gig like no other! Truckers are big, burly, rough, manly men that seem to love us! We are making some extra money and having such a good time.
Some of the truckers want to watch us together. Which is fine with us, we love sucking each others cock and fucking each other. Some of them love the way we can take dick deep in our mouths and not gag. No one sucks cock like a tranny! And some of them want the full package. My dick has never been fucked and sucked so much in my life. There is definitely a bonus to this little gig we have going on!
Of course our prices vary depending on what they want. But the best part is that there is fresh new meat every day and night.
We make one stop in the after noon and one at night. So far it has been a great adventure. We are making lots of new friends and I can’t wait to see who we meet tonight! If you drive truck you never know, we might meet one night!

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