Cum play with me

I am use to getting my way on Black ops! I turn my mic on and all those boys do anything I want. I call for help and they are running for me. I love to play on my PS3. It is so much fun! I love to tease all the guys who try to sound all big and bad on the game. They all send me friend requests and a beg me to join there clans. It is fantastic. But the thing I love the most… Making those guys cum all over them selfs. Knowing I am making them stroke there cock just for me. Listening to them pant and beg like little puppies. LOL WAY TO MUCH FUN!!! So I will jump in a game of black ops zombies. I will see how good they play… And if they are good enough.. talking enough smack. Well.. I just give em a little reality check. Start to moan.. whimper and beg… ha ha ha and they forget all about the game they were just talking so much shit on! They can only think about me… I know its cheating… but a girl has to use what she has got! And I am one hell of a girl. Cum play with me and see!

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