My Foot Fetish

I take great pride in my beautiful feet. When I get my pedicure each week I cum all over myself because having my feet touched and caressed is my biggest fetish.

To have a man suck my toes, kiss my feet and worship the beauty of my sweet,well manicured toes is the hottest, sexiest thing he can do.

I love a man with a wicked foot fetish who will let me stroke his hard, throbbing cock with my feet. To look down and see his hard cock in between my feet as I rub them up and down gets my pussy hot and ready for that same cock to grind deep inside me while I give my toes to him to suck and lick while he is fucking me.

Do you love feet and have a foot fetish too? I bet you would love to wrap your warm, wet lips around these toes of mine sucking and licking them as you look up between my legs and watch my juices oozing from between my pussy lips.

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