Ass To Mouth Phone Sex At The Doll House

I needed some extra money so I am working at the Doll House for some extra cash. I love shaking my ass and making the guys rock hard while earning money. And when I get lap dances my pussy gets so fucking wet that I just want to fuck the shit out of those fucking dicks!
Last night a really hot guy came in and wanted to talk between sets. While I wasn’t looking he slipped a bean in my drink and then asked for a lap dance. When we got into the champagne room he took his dick out and it was huge! I was so fucked up and so fucking horny! We stayed in that room for a long time and he fucked me every which way but loose. I was seeing all kinds of colors and every sensation was heightened. He shoved his dick in my ass so far I thought I would choke on it. Then he made me suck it till he came deep down my throat. I loved every minute of it. I hope he comes in again tonight because I will take him in the champagne room again!

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