Hot Diggidy Dog

I love it when a guy thinks he can get kinkier then me. Ha don’t you know I am the Queen of Kink? So last night I pick up this looser at the bar just because I want to get fucked and he thinks he is kinky. His idea of kink is fucking me in the ass. Which he made the mistake of telling me before we left the bar. All the way home I had time to think and plan.
When I got him to my place, I led him inside and let him lead the game. I take him to the bedroom and let him rip my close off acting shocked. I let him throw me onto the bed and rape my ass like he was doing something. When he was done and laying there all sweaty and smiling like he had done something, I showed him what real kink was about. I cuffed him to my bed and started rubbing my wet cunt all over him. Just when he was all turned on I squatted over his chest and pushed all his gooey cum out of my ass on to his chest, mixed with the shit from my ass. The look on his face was priceless! And when I licked it off him I thought he would die. I told him I was going to the kitchen for a drink and asked if he wanted one to. He said yes, of course I left him cuffed and when I came back with one glass and he asked where his was, I pissed in his mouth. I guess he never had a golden shower before. Since I didn’t think he could take much more I let him go and said sweetly “that was just a taste of kink stud”. I doubt I will ever see him again. But you love this shit don’t you? I know you can’t wait to come over and play with me. Please bring your dog because I am dieing for some pink dog dick and you can watch. Tata for now soldier boy. Until we meet again!

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