Party Like A Rock Star

One look at her and my cunt is soaked, my nipples are hard and I am ready to turn this bitch out! I met Janie at a party and instantly knew I wanted her for my own. She had no idea when I offered her a drink that I would slip a little something extra in it. I couldn’t help slipping my hand up my skirt and sliding a finger in my waiting pussy while we laughed and drank and I waited for it to take effect. I could see her teetering on the edge as she sipped her drink. Just a little bit longer and she would be mine. I licked my lips in anticipation of sliding my tongue deep inside her hot cunt. She was very willing as I led her to a back bedroom where I had some coke stashed. We undressed each other and then snorted a line off each others belly. I was on fire for this chick. When she kissed me and stuck her tongue deep in my waiting mouth I thought I would come on the spot. We took our time as the drugs intensified every sensation, every touch, every sound. We brought in the new day still fucking like two wild animals. I can’t wait to see Janie again!

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