It’s party Time!!

I can’t wait till tonight! I am throwing a sex toy party and have so many things planned for a wild and crazy night full of fun and cum! One of the most important things is the refreshments! I got this awesome cake, it has all kinds of toys on it and says “toys 4 us” I made dick pops and they look like they are spewing jizz, and I made titty cookies. Plus I got lots of fun adult beverages to keep the night exciting and fun!

Decorations are covered, I have all kinds of sexy trinkets hanging from streamers and bought dick plates that say let’s party.

We are going to play four really hot fucking games while dressed in our sexy lingerie (the required attire). The first thing we are doing is as each guest arrives they are getting a silly name, they must introduce themselves to arriving guests by that name. any time someone calls someone by anything other then the name given when they arrived, they have to drink. This should get us off to a good start. We are also going to play Pass The Vibrator, like hot potato but with a nice big vibrating dick! All night we will have Sex Bingo going. Each girl will have a number and periodically I will be picking a number and calling it out, the girl with the corresponding number must immediately shout out something she would say in bed. That should be loads of fun! And once we are nice and drunk we are going to play Condom Crazy. I have a long table with a dildo attached to it for each girl. I bought glow in the dark condoms. We will be turning out the lights, and using only your mouth we will be putting the condoms on the dildos. That is really going to be interesting.

Don’t you wish you could be a fly on the wall for this party? maybe you will be one of the lucky fellas that one of our horny, drunk, guests goes home to with a bag full of new toys!

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