Happy Daddies Day!

Father’s Day is this Sunday and I still don’t know what to get for my daddy! I already have a sexy little outfit picked out – a pretty blue dress, cute black thong and daddy’s favorite high heels. Daddy loves when his little princess dresses up all pretty for him before he stretches out my wet pussy with his hard cock. Of course daddy always gets to do whatever he wants with my hot teen pussy…but I want to do something extra special – it’s daddies day! I was thinking I could invite my neighbor’s bratty sister over to be taught all the lessons daddy taught me! I could even help, showing her just the right way to slide that pretty pink pussy down on daddy’s cock. I could show her just how daddy likes it, shoving his thick cock so far down my throat I can hardly breathe. Then, when daddy his fucking my barely legal pussy, he can watch me run my tongue all along the little brat’s yummy wet cunny lips. Oh, I bet that would make daddy very happy, but I want to make sure that it is extra special! What would you want me to do for you on father’s day? I’m sure you daddies have some nasty ideas- and I can’t wait to hear them!


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