Italian Stallion Needed

I can’t get my Italian Stallion off my mind. Mardi Gras is coming up and I would love to get a hold of my kinky lover. I know he would love to hit this celebration up with me. His dick would stay rock hard with his hand on my bare pussy under my skirt while we get drunk on the streets and I flash my tits to strangers for beads. But what I would really love to do is hop on the back of a float and fuck right there while traveling down the street in the parade. We would have a box full of beads right next to us and every time one of us started squirting cum all over the place, we would grab a hand full of beads, throw them and holler “Happy Mardi Gras” We would fuck in every public place we could find and we would share each other with whoever wanted to get some.
Fuck the mask I want everyone to know who I am when they get some of this hot, wet pussy. Party on young and old. There is nothing like getting drunk and getting fucked!

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