My To Do List

I have a special “To Do” list that I want to go by in my life.  These are some really important things I want to do really bad!

1.  Vin Diesel (yes I want to “Do” him)

2.  Gang Bang-check

3.  Porn videos-check

4. Play with a Sissy-check

5. Dominate-check

6. Become a really big porn star

7. Be on the porn awards

Being an aspiring porn star I have done a few things on my list but there are so much more I want to do!!  I have done some porn movies, just little ones, but what the hell it is practice, lol.  I need to practice fucking as much as possible.  There is one thing on the top of my “To Do” list that I REALLY want to do!!!  That is Vin Diesel, he is so fucking hot I really want to fuck his brain’s out!!!!  I am hoping that once I become a famous porn star he will attend the awards and I can meet him.  I know he is married but fuck that bitch I just want one whole night with him!  Then he will know what he has been missing!  I think he is soooooo HOT, I would do him in a heartbeat!!!  God I can’t wait until I become a really big porn star, then I know I will meet him and be able to check off the number one thing on my “To Do” list!!!

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