It Will All Be Over Soon

The room was dark, the air was warm and moist. I had that bitch tied up, blind folded and gagged just waiting for my next move. I let her sit there for awhile in anticipation of what her abductor was about to do to her. I could hear her whimpering and begging out to the silence for someone, anyone to let her go. She screamed and cried, but no one could hear her but me. Once she had reached her point of desperation, I went to her. I was wearing a red leather outfit, baton in hand. I gently brushed my fingertips across her cheek, watching her body tremble to the unknown terror that I was gladly about to bestow on her. There was something about her fear that sent chills down my spine. I wanted to feel more, more of that breath taking pleasure. I took the baton, and with all that I had, I slapped her across the face, leaving a big red welt on her cheek. Ah, she screamed and screamed in pain asking why?  Why her and to please stop and let her go. I lulled her to soft whimpers again, telling her that it’s okay and it will all be over soon. I walked over to my case of treats, and pulled out my favorite surgical knife. I loved it so much because it was shiny and sharp, really sharp at that. Once I approached her again I told her that it would most definitely hurt, and to scream if she wanted. In fact, I’d encourage it. Oh her skin was like butter. The knife sliced through her so easily, I felt like cutting more and more. I’d say I lost a little bit of control during her screams, when I looked down my hands were covered in blood dripping down on the floor. I looked at her and she was beautiful sitting there slumped over in the chair, her blood draining from her body. I leaned over her and whispered in to her unconscious tender body, “See, I told you it would all be over soon.” I brushed the hair out of her face smearing blood into that luscious thick hair of hers, I laid in front of her, and started to rub my throbbing clit. I stared at all of the slashes I made and watched her chest rise and fall, the blood running down her breasts. I rubbed my pussy, and as I started to cum, I watched as her chest rose and fell for the final time. At that moment, my eyes opened and I was chained up in a dark room where the air was warm and moist. There was a ringing in my head and my cheek ached something terrible. I looked up at the table in front of me, and there lay a baton. Coming towards me was my master with a surgical knife in hand saying “Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon.” 

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