Beach vacation

So my dealer really hooked me up this week. His little brother has a special fantasy. One he couldn’t get filled anywhere. Well… anywhere else. He wanted he always fantasized about being at the beach and seeing some little thing playing in the water. The waves splashing down around her while she was building a sand castle for her my little ponies. Her mother not really watching very close. When he slips in the water edging closer and closer to his little prey. Until he sees his chance to snatch her right off the beach! To cover her little mouth and pull her into the water. He swims out away from all the people until he can barely see people. The waves making too much noise for anyone to hear her. Then he rips her little panties off. She has to cling to his body since she can’t swim yet. And he loves it! He takes out his throbbing hard cock and shoves her down on it. Her tight little body wrapped around him like a glove and he bounced her up and down on his thick cock until he explodes deep inside her. Then he swans to a vacant shore and lets her go. Watching her naked bottom running down the sand as she scurry’s to her mommy. My dealer was pretty excited to get this “special request” for his brother for his birthday. So I made one hell of a deal. Double my normal weekly take. And he rents us a hotel on the beach for a week and 500 dollars for food and junk. He jumped all over that! And of course I jumped for more drugs AND a free beach vacation!
The first day at the hotel was fabulous. So sunny and warm. I waited for this dude to show up. I got the text he was waiting on the beach and I dressed my youngest one in the cutest my little pony bikini. I brushed her long hair out and put it in little pig tails and let her run down to the shore line with her bucket and little pink pony. She looked so sweet and innocent. I saw him right away but pretended I didn’t. He was staring so hard at my little one. He swam out and kept looking around. She didn’t even see him. And of course I didn’t tell her what was gonna happen. I wanted her reaction to be as realistic as possible. When he lunged out of the water she let out just the tiniest little scream. I wouldn’t have even noticed had I not been watching. He swam so quickly away. He moved a few hundred feet down the beach. Then I could see him holding my girl. I couldn’t hear them but I saw her grab his neck and then I saw her little bottoms floating on a wave being washed to shore. It didn’t take to long at all. Then he was swimming to the shore. He let her go in the shallow water and she ran ashore and headed straight to me. He stood there watching as her little legs ran for me. I could tell by the look in his eyes this is gonna happen again. But next time I will charge more!

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