She made me so NAUGHTY!

I had a super day! I just love the summer when I can wear my tiniest little outfits. And flirt till my heart is content! Today I was wearing just the cutest outfit. I ran to the mall to go to Victoria’s Secret. I just love how their panties feel against my skin. I got so lucky. I had the CUTEST girl helping me! She was so pretty. I told her I would need help finding the right size and she was MORE than willing to come into the dressing room with me to measure me. Well I couldn’t help in. The moment she dropped to her knees to measure my hips I got rock hard! And my big black cock was right there in her face! OMG I was so embarrassed at first. But the second I saw her eyes I knew it was going to be fine. She wanted that big black cock of mine!!! So I gave it to her! I told her to go ahead and suck it. And she really did! She leaned forward and swallowed EVERY inch! I loved seeing her on her knees with my cock in her mouth. I fucked her mouth until I came. And she swallowed every drop! I bought one pair of panties and when I got home I noticed she put in 6 more pairs! I feel so naughty. She turned me into a little pantie thief!

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