It Was A Wild Day

We went to the zoo today because it was so nice out and I hadn’t been in like forever! I was so surprised at how much fun we had and at how fucking horny I got.
It seemed as if everywhere we turned the animals were fucking each other. I didn’t think watching animals fuck would turn me on so much.
It was so out of control that I took my boyfriends shirt off and wrote on his back in my lip stick “It’s mating season in the jungle” It was hilarious and we got a lot of attention for that one, which just served to make me hornier.
By the time we got home I just couldn’t stand it any longer and we fucked like animals for hours. The lip stick rubbed off all over my sheets. I hope it comes out in the wash, but if not it will remind me of the day we spent watching the animals fuck and then fucking each others brains out! I love all the raw pictures I took of the animals fucking!

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