Cum Take A Ride

When your an artist with a free mind and lots of good dope to keep your mind going you cum up with some really hot shit. My friend is one such artist and his shit keeps me wet with delight!

We were talking about bike week and how there is nothing like the ride on a hog. It’s like having a giant vibrator between your legs that keeps your pussy purring the whole way. When your done riding all you want to do is fuck! Chicks love their hogs as much as the dudes do and a biker fest is the craziest place to be. Lot’s of partying, lot’s of tits and ass and lots of giant vibrators for my pleasure.

My buddy came up with the most awesome idea for interpreting his idea of the sexual side of a bike. Not the typical half dressed or naked chick straddling a bike. Oh no! His interpretation is beyond that. He created a bike out of naked chicks. Yeah he did and it is hot as fucking hell! I am so glad he let me be a part of it. Can you find me? Look real hard while you get real hard and see!


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