Squirting Chocolate Pussy ‘Cum Slut’

I was with a ‘woman of color’ the other day.  Coming from a relatively conservative background, I had been taught that I should only date within my own race and furthermore, was encouraged to only have heterosexual relationships.  I knew that I was different, because I always craved things that were considered to be TABOO. Now that I am older and living on my own, I am doing everything that I have been told that I must not do (as a respectable Asian girl).

It was a very erotic and beautiful experience.  I met her at an internet cafe. She is a foreign exchange student.  We hit it off right away, and wound up going back to her place to hang out and watch movies.  She and I both enjoy romantic comedies.  We laughed and cried together, over wine and without realizing it, found ourselves fondling our own breasts while viewing a heated scene, during a movie.  We looked at each other, drunk, horny, and curious. Within seconds, our tongues danced the tango, while we pulled up each others short skirts and began rubbing each others thighs; eventually, thrusting our fingers inside of each dripping wet pussy. We eagerly stripped each other naked.  She tied my wrists to the bed, straddled my mouth and rode my tongue until she squirted a large amount of cum down my throat, turning me into her cum-slut. I begged to taste her over and over again, thirsting for her. It was the sweetest taste that I had ever experienced in my life.  I want to share her with others.

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