I’m Dreaming of a Big, Messy, White Cum Shot Christmas

Biggest cum shot

You know what I’m dreaming of for Christmas… the whitest, biggest cum shot you’ve ever fucking had blown all over me!  Seems perfect considering that great big package you have.  I can’t wait to unwrap it and check out that perfect pussy pumping present you’re about to give me and all of the white, sticky goodness that comes with it.  My soft and ready mouth is watering in suspense!

I don’t care if they’re not made of paper, I’m going to rip your pants and underwear right off of you.  It’s my gift, I’ll unwrap it how I want to!  I just get so excited when I get a present that I can’t wait to see it and get it in my hands.  When I pull it out of your pants and stick it in my mouth, you won’t give a damn about some torn slacks and beaten up boxers.  All you’ll be thinking is how happy you are that you were able to give me such a long and thick Christmas present that I love and enjoy so much.

You can bust that fat nut of yours wherever you’d like.  My mommy twat is warm and toasty and my asshole is always puckered up and ready for a kiss under the mistletoe and frothy, foamy fucking.  If you want to see my pretty face glazed in your pearly holiday goop, you’re more than welcome to coat my mouth, cheeks and everything else you want.  I just want to see that package, already, I don’t think I can wait another week.  Honestly, as long as you give me and my wet bald pussy the white Christmas I’ve been dreaming of, I don’t care where you shoot your jizz.


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