I Need Your Sweet Tongue

I spent last night at the swinger’s club. They always let me in free because I go alone or with my smokin hot whore girlfriends. Last night three of us girls went, and the place was packed. We split up, since we could stay home and lick each other’s pussies, and searched for some fresh cock. It wasn’t long before I was naked except for my heels on the dance floor, and had four guys and another girl all up on me.

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I love the feeling of them groping me, and I was led off to a private room for a nice gangbang that left my pussy and ass sore all the way through to today. When I woke up this morning, the hard hole poundings just a fuzzy memory in my head, I took a long hot bath and played with my clit under the water. My clit was even tender to the touch, and that of course made me think of you.

I need you to come over and use that soft tongue of yours to take care of my tender pussy. I think if you are gentle enough at first with your tongue and fingers, you can massage me into agreeing to bury that sweet cock of yours deep inside. I love the almost bruised sensation I get when you fuck my pussy after its been abused all night long by a bunch of strangers. Will you please help me, baby? Come over and doctor my cunt back into some more fun?

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