Firemen Are Hot

hot ass sex alanzaThe ad in the paper said he needed a secretary and I needed a part time job. It would be perfect, I could earn some money while surrounded by hot ass firemen, all of whom worked for him. That is what would make it fun….trying to get away with fucking them behind his back. They would never want the Chief to know that they were boning his secretary. Just thinking about it had my pussy soaked. Little did I know that wasn’t  the way it would go.

I got there to interview for the job dressed in what I call “casual slut” just slutty enough to earn me a boner but not slutty enough for a car to pull over on the street and ask me how much for a blowjob.  The Chief was hot as fucking hell in his uniform and I could tell by the way the men reacted to him that they respected him.

I followed him into his office and sat across the desk from him waiting for the application. He stared at me for a bit and I could feel the color rising in my face. Finally he asked me how badly I wanted this job. I told him I wanted it pretty bad and the smile he gave me was part wicked part hot and served to drive me crazy.

he told me to stand up and he walked around his desk. With one sweep of his powerful arms he cleared his desk and shoved me over it. Pulling up my skirt he discovered I had no panties on and he groaned with pleasure as he shoved his hot dick inside me. Holding my arms behind my back he pounded my pussy until I thought he would explode inside me and then he stopped.

He stripped me butt ass naked and led me to the bathroom where he left me. One y one his men entered the room and fucked the shit out of me, but none of them filled my pussy up. When the last one left he returned took me back to his office, where I saw all his men standing around with their dicks in their hands. He shoved me on the desk and watched his men surround me and cover me with cum before he drove his dick and cum home inside my pussy.

Pulling his pants up he smiled and said I had the job. I just love firemen!

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