I Just Wanna Have Fun


Mom says I have to start thinking about the future, but I don’t want to! I wanna stay young forever. I love to go outside and play! I run around and my face gets really red and hot and my hair gets all mussed up. I love when Daddy sprays me with the waterhose and gets me all wet on those hot summer days. My little tank top gets stuck close to my body and my rosy pink nipples get all hard and show through. Thank goodness I don’t have to wear a bra cause my titties are still nice and perky. I can’t believe people have to wear those, blech! Sometimes, when I sit on daddy’s lap on the porch swing and he tickles between my legs. It feels so good when he massages my little pink lips. I can feel him growing when I giggle and squirm. Daddy loves me so much. He told me he never wants me to grow up either. Are you like my daddy? Do you wanna play with me?

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