Vienna Sausage At The Gym

Me and my two favorite girl friends went to the gym today to workout. After we were done working our cute little bodies out we went to relax in the steam room. As we were in there we saw the most handsome looking man coming walking with a towel wrapped around him. We were all talking about how sexy he was until all of the sudden his towel fell down. Shyla starting giggling so hard so me and Sarah looked to see what she was looking at. We could not believe our eyes the handsome man we were sitting there talking about did not have a cock he had a VIENNA SAUSAGE! We all broke out in tears laughing. He did not notice us at first then as he got closer Sarah asked him what that was between his legs and he grabbed the towel and tried to cover up as his face turned beat red. I told him it was ok there is no need in covering up we saw it now. He told us how he was so embarassed in school and had to cover up cause all the other guys were so big compared to him. We could not help but laugh at his itty bitty little thing between his legs. We saw three well hung black men walk in Jacob,John and David so one by one we called them over and made him measure them with his fingers. As he took turns measuring them we had him take turns sucking each and every cock. He was not allowed to stop sucking till that little vienna sausage between his legs came only after he made each and every big black cock cum.

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