Hurt Me!

I want to be slapped and bitten. Choked and gagged. Nothing gets my pussy going like rough sex and bondage. I love when a guy grabs a handful of my hair and just pulls it with all of his strength while hes pounding my tight little hole from the back. Whichever hole he chooses. I am a true subby pig… I yearn to please my master.  I want you to make me scream, make me scream loud and hard! Hold my head while you ram your cock down my throat over and over again. I love the control you have over me! It excites me, it makes me want more, I want you to hurt me more!  Tie me up and gag me. Watch me struggle to break free while you ram you cock inside my walls. Harder and Faster. Pin me down and put your hand around my throat. Squeeze. I want to feel close to death… the room starts to get blurry. Just as I’m about to pass out, bite my nipple and bring me back to reality. Yes oh YES Master! I love the way you HURT ME! GIVE ME MORE I WANT MORE!

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