I Am A Teacher’s Pet Now!

Black Cock Phone Sex Well, it was about fucking time that I get some nice big fat juicy black cock in this wet white girl cunt of mine. I have been needing some black dick for so long; I have been looking for a guy like crazy; I finally realized my college professor was interested. I have been his intern for bio study for a little while and it never crossed my mind because he did not seem interested. I realize now it was because we were not alone most times; this time though we finally got the chance and now I know he wanted me from the start.

We had a few things we needed to do for bio study and a test was coming up. I asked Professor Drew if he could help tutor me for some things I was behind one and he came over to my dorm after class to help. He came over looking as fine as ever and I just wanted him to take me right there. I figured it would work wonderfully if I acted like I had no idea what I was doing so it would make him stay longer. He helped me for a bit and then I asked him to take a break and have a drink with me. He was unsure of that at first but a little encouragement from me worked and he finally agreed. 

I laughed and chatted him and one drink turned into 4 along with some shots. I knew it was time to plant the seed so I could get dicked down. So I told him lets play a game like never have I ever but I wanted to spice it up. He laughed and was confused so I told him basically whoever has done what the question asks has to remove a piece of clothing. He was taken back but a little drunk and obviously turned on; so he agreed. We got right into the game and I was ready to fucking rip off my clothes and beg for cock right there. 

First question was “Never have I ever had a gangbang”(My shirt came off). Next, “Never have I ever had a cock in my ass hole”(My pants came off). He was staring at me and then he said “Never have I ever wanted my teacher’s big black cock inside my slut pussy”. I smiled and ripped off my panties and bra. That was it, he stood up and pushed me against the wall and started to make out with me. He pushed me into the bathroom off to the corner just incase my roomies came home. We were playing for quite a while and I was ready for dick!

He leaned up against the wall and said “Give me the little wet fuck hole baby; I am so ready to feel you” I moaned as he slammed up and down on his shaft. His cock was huge and I loved how he bounced me up and down like a fucking rag doll. I was begging for more and he said “You should have made a move a while ago; I would have been busting in these guts if I knew how much of a cock whore you were”. I was screaming and he put his hand over mouth and said “Shhh, I am going to fill you up with my load now bitch”. My god, that black cock and cum load was the best I have ever had!

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