Original Pornstars

The 1920s… The decade that gave birth to sexual promiscuity. Magnificent. The cars, the films, the prosperity, the lifestyle…the porn…sloughed off the Victorian era’s prude attitude toward sex and shed light on the primal pleasure we’re all entitled to. The freedom! The experimentation! It gets me so wet to think of how far we’ve come. Scantily- clad flappers, horny bootleggers and liberated young men and women back from war were the real sex-crazed pioneers. They were fucking all kinds of ways! Playing with new positions, appreciating the nude human form. Finally, homosexuality among men and women was being drug up from the shameful dungeons of our fathers and mothers to a promising new world. The acceptance is taking a while but people were no longer afraid to embrace  and perform the raunchiest of sexual acts shunned for so many years! And on the silver screen no doubt. Delicious! Could you imagine being part of that? So exciting and new. Being threatened with exile and excommunication for a bit of exhibitionism? Think of how steamy and hot it would’ve been. Think of how virile  and hard the men were. What a revolution! Let’s get dressed up, go to a speakeasy, get wasted on gin and fuck to some silent porn!!

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