A Time of Worship

It happens so frequently for me, where I must satisfy my hunger with the delicious taste of your cock.  I have been this way for a very long time.  Seeing you nude, in front of me, makes my mouth water.  I must get on my knees and praise your cock, worship it, like a god.  Some ask me if I believe in god. I am an Americanized Asian-American girl.  I tell them that your cock is my god.  Your hardened cock has power over me, makes me weak: like a helpless girl.  Your cock is beautiful, strong, magnificent and it must be praised.  I bathe myself and spray delicate perfume upon myself, before I dare to touch your supremacy.  I bow down and worship your cock and my god. There is nothing higher. I submit to it’s power. I  worship your cock, because it is my god.

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