Hot Lips

I love a set of sweet, soft lips. Sexy lips can make me cum just by looking at them. I know you know what I mean. When you see a woman with pouty, I suck a mean cock lips, your dick responds before she even parts those lips for you. Nice full lips with red lipstick and the way she runs her tongue along that top lip, moistening it while looking at you with those devil may care eyes. You wonder if she is doing it on purpose or if it’s all in your imagination. Either way you can’t help the tingling you feel deep down in your loins as the fire grows. And what about those other lips? Those pink , wet pussy lips? They can drive you just as crazy as those sweet lips on her face. Don’t you love the fact that they come in all shapes and sizes? Fat lips, skinny little lips, some with big fat clits that stick out like little dicks and others with little clitties that you have to coax out with your fingers and mouth. MMM They are so delicious. Some are pretty and pink and some are darker and tan. Lips, lips sweet, soft, sexy fuckable lips one and all. I think I need to go find me some glorious lips of my own now that my cock is hard and ready! see you latter darling!

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