Hot Girls looking for Hardcore Sadistic Action: Bring the Pain!

Yeah-we know that guys wonder sometimes why hot girls like Jinx and I allow ourselves to be tortured,abused, and treated like shit….

The truth is that hot girls like us get bored, real fucking easily!  You see, cocky-ass submissive bitches like us, get to a point where a huge, stiff cock is not enough anymore.  Shit-Jinx and I need more than a hard and intense fuck!  That’s where the pain comes in-and the pain makes us cum! So, bring it on bitches!  Beat our hot, sexy asses into submission! You know that you would love to put us over your lap and make it hurt real bad….Hey-the thing is this…we have taken so much shit and dealt with so much torture that our tolerance is built so high that it is going to take a whole fucking lot to make us cry and scream!  You know you would love that shit! it would make you cum so fucking hard!

You know that you are a twisted fuck who loves to see us beg, cry, moan, and plead.  Well, Make sure that you know what the hell you are doing, because if not-you will just get a blank WTF stare!  Jinx and I cum like hardcore nympho maniacs when we are made to cry and tortured really good.  There is nothing better.  Torture us any which way that your sadistic ass desires….we need the pain, the torture..it makes us feel satisfied.  Break us down….make us grovel and plead…make us your dirty little masochistic pain sluts…you know….its a compulsion with us-we totally gotta have it!  We have wet dreams about being tortured, fucked-up and punished by you, in the hardest possible way.  Are we crazy?….hell yeah!….but we know what the fuck we want.  We want you to turn our pretty pale skin black and blue and make us bloody! Then watch us cum like crazy for you.

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