hot birthday surprise

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I asked my long-term boyfriend what he wanted for his birthday. Of course, I knew he wanted some of my young bald pussy as usual. Also, I didn’t want to give him the same old festivity. So instead, I asked him what his biggest fantasy. Good thing we were a little bit fucked up on some tequila shots. Well, I didn’t expect him to tell me what he wanted. His birthday was about to happen in just a few minutes. The countdown to midnight began, and with a little more liquid courage, he opened up about wanting to have a threesome with me. I said cool, let’s go ahead and invite Heather, or if not Heather, there’s always Lindsay, who’s so fucking hot. Well, I was naming all the girls. He said he wanted something a bit different. At first, he was so nervous he shut down and not wanting to talk, but I kept encouraging him to let me know what was up. Eventually, he came clean and said he wanted me to be double penetrated. He had dreamt of it ever since he could remember. Well, I was game. I said go ahead and invite the person that first pops into your head. When his best bud Chad came over, I knew I would have a good time cause I had some fantasies about him. What was that? I guess my boyfriend had filled them in not long after I had both of their cocks and each hole. My boyfriend was having a blast fucking me while his best friend was also using me. So you know I can say that this is the birthday he will never forget.

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