Hit Me with your biggest cum shot

biggest cum shotFire away! Hit me with your biggest cum shot to my face or inside of me any where your cock pleases!

Never a shy whore when it cums to talking about the filthy perverted deranged topics hat make you hard. No need to skirt around you taboo freak for all fetish. I’m a cock sucker to some pretty brutal guys in real life. Men who would fuck up a cunny and take money for her little body on the black market. Sold like a side of beef if you will. That’s where the term fuck meat originated! That’s right I will suck you dry while you have the virgin blood of a little fuck doll all over it! Men who are known serial killers and force fuckers get me off so hard when I suck that evil dick!

I’m non discriminatory to I love little boys cocks too! I will even bring you one of my little boys and be a snuff mommy for you! I will let you live out all your murder and rape fantasies of any fuck doll or victim you bring me! I’m all about the evil, bloody and dark side of humanity! Always down to your accomplice phone sex slut for the twisted shit that makes you hard as hell!

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