Teen Tease Alley the Heartbreaker

… Heartbreaker …

I have a thing for older married guys.  They just can’t help it when I come walking by in my cute little short skirts, bending over pretending to pick something up off the ground.  They’d choke on their tongues right then and there if there old lady wives weren’t standing right next to them, giggles!  Yes I love to tease!  I’ve noticed that lots of men just can’t help but stare at my cute little body.  I bet they wonder just what they are missing out on.  Well I’ll tell you.  A super tight little cunnie that’s what!  I know you wouldn’t last one single second inside my hot little pink hole because I’d be gripping your grown man cock tight with my little teen cunnie, milking it for everything it was worth!  But the real question is… Will I let you?  Giggles, I dunno it depends on how well you can convince me because teasing is just so much fun!!  xoxoxo

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