Your BBC lover!


When I was a young miss I was lucky enough to have my pussy broken in to fucking by one of the young lads who worked for my Dad. He wasn’t much older then me, but let me tell you he had a thick black dick that tore my white girl pussy a new one. I think I fucking screamed the neighborhood down first in pain, then quickly to insane fucking pleasure. I was spoiled for white boys forever sad to say. I will get on my knees and beg for a nice thick black cock if you like the submissive little whore. Or I will demand it like I own it if you enjoy the more demanding role of kinky mature bitch. I basically give a fuck what you want me to do or do to me, hell you can even sit back and stroke your toy while you watch me get used by as many as you decide for the evening. Basically, I know what the fuck I like and even though I will happily fuck any little boy that cums my way and appeals. A true BBC lover is what this cum slut loves best. You know..deep inside where it really counts. I keep my own scrap book of my men and how they used me and how often. Sharing these entries over the years only brings back sweet memories and gives me ideas for more. Call me and let me share some of my more sexy, nasty, drunk and sober dates with you. Giving you something to stroke your little buddy to as I share some BBC Loving Phone Sex with you and making your little disturbed mind spin as you imagine how wet I am as we play.

BBC Lover 4eva,


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