Fun on the Beach with Caprice

It’s the last few days of summer and I want to make it count! Let’s drive to the beach and get dirty in the sand. I won’t tell mom if you don’t! Come on Daddy I just got this cute bikini you got me. Awhh you think it’s too grown up for me to wear out here? Well why don’t I take it off then and throw it into the waves. How about this? Does this look like your little girl now Daddy? Judging from the bulge in your shorts I think I got your attention. I stand up and run off into the water making you chase me. You see Daddy, I don’t really want to get away. I just want you to grab me. Take me in your big strong arms and haul me across your lap, pinning me against you. I want that big hard Daddy dick pressed up against me as you try to calm yourself and try to see reason before my hands reach down and grab it. All thoughts of being good are gone with the feeling of my tiny, hot little hand closing around your pulsing cock. I think it’s time to make some waves Daddy. It goooooes riiiiiight here!

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