Having a fun Car Wash with Lacey.

I was with my guy friend washing his classic car that I really love riding in. He was in a pair of swim drunks, and I had on short shorts and a bikini top that kept him looking at me. I was seductively washing the hood, and when we were done washing the car, I wrung the soapy sponge down my chest covering my self in the car soap. He then snuck up behind me and squirted me with the hose as I turned into him and took off my top and let my big titties fly. With a sinful smile; and the thoughts to match; I grabbed his trunks and yanked them down with one tug. I picked up his huge hard rod and took it into my mouth for a treat. I sucked him hard and deep then licked his shaft up and down while I played with his balls. He moaned and I looked up at him with a lustful stare. I worked his cock with my mouth and let him face fuck me for a little bit. I then got up and turned around then slipped off my shorts as he slid his hard cock inside me and pushed in to my warm, wet pussy. He soon found a great pace as I moved with him as I leaned back so he could play with my breasts. I felt him rubbing his hands all over me which sent warm waves of desire crashing over me, and I soon came all over his massive rod. He the laid me down on the grass, got on top, and slipped back in me again moving much faster then before. We grinded along, and as I came again, he moved into a sexy groove in my body that had me shaking. He then let me know he was ready to cum, and really worked my wet pink until he released his ball milk inside me as we kissed. I then let him take some naked pictures of me by his car. I love riding in his classic car a whole lot more now.

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