A Happy Thanksgiving Day with Carla

Tranny Phone SexEvery year I’m always asked several time what my plans are for Thanksgiving Day. Most people are put off by my response, my rely is always the same, I am thankful for my 10 inch cock and I plan to put it to good use on Thanksgiving Day just as I do everyday! Tomorrow I plan to run over to the family dinner and get that out of the way then stop at a local bar to see what’s available and worth my time, I usually have no problems picking up a hot looking guy with a big cock as they seem to like my tiny little hard body, so I have yet to be turned down when I ask someone if they would like to come back to my place for coffee or “something”.

Last Thanksgiving Day I hit the jack pot, this guy was only in town for a few days on business and he was hot, had a rock hard body, and a huge cock to go with the total package. We spent the evening, well the next couple of days at my place and took full advantage of one another. At first like most men he was a little caught off guard that I have a 10 inch cock but like the rest he warmed up to the idea in not time at all! We spent Thanksgiving weekend sucking each other cocks numerous times until we came over and over.

The day before he planned on leaving I finally caught him off guard, while he was sucking on my cock until it was rock hard, I said I needed some water and would be right back, when I returned he was laying on his stomach and I jump on him and shoved my cock in deep and hard into his ass, he struggled with me a little at first but soon he was grinding his ass into my hard cock and loving it!  At the end of our time together he said he’d see me next Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to seeing if he is at our bar tomorrow, I would love a re-play of last years Thanksgiving Day!

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