Happy Thanksgiving From Passion!

Oh Turkey Day! Nobody loves Thanksgiving more than a thick chocolate chick! Better yet, nothing says Thanksgiving like hot steamy sex on the dinner table hours before the family arrives. I just hope I don’t burn any food in the process. Could you imagine getting all dressed up and seeing me downstairs setting the table. Looking across at me as I place the flatware in order just like I learned from my gma. She taught me how to be a lady and also how to earn a man’s heart which is cooking and sex! Of course I’m smoking hot and baby I can cook something vicious! You just love the way my big tits sweep across the table every time I bend over And I can see it all over your face. I ask you to bring me the fine china out of the cabinet because well I just love to see you work. You happily oblige. When you approach me you give me the softest kiss on my lips and it creates a rise in your pants. Yep, I can see it but I pretend not to notice. When I bend over across the table and start setting the plates I feel your hand go up my skirt. My pussy is so wet, you seem surprised. Just like in the movies you sweep everything onto the floor and take me right there on the table. Luckily, for me only a few forks and spoons were at the end where we were! Nobody will know a thing especially the people eating and laughing where we were just making love hours ago. Mmmm Happy Thanksgiving to ME!

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