What happened to the holiday party?

Submissive Phone SexI was invited by a friend to attend a holiday party for his work. He said he had little time to get ready and would I mind meeting him at his apartment at six that evening and we would head to the party from there. I said sure and got all dressed up and I thought I looked really hot. Well he must have thought so too because as soon as I got to his apartment he was dressed except for his suit coat and asked me to follow him while he finished getting ready. We went to the back of his apartment to the master bedroom.

Once there he pulled off my shirt and skirt and jammed his fingers hard into my pussy. It hurt a little a first and then I began enjoying it when he was pinching and pulling on my clit with his other hand. I came really hard and practically squirted cum all over his hand. He pulled me up and rammed his shaft deep down my throat and thrust his cock in and out really hard, and when he shot his load deep down my throat I almost chocked because of the huge amount of cum he unloaded. We then cleaned up and headed to the party, we had a great night!

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