2 foot 5 inch Furry Dick (I Suppose)

  I love furries! My Daddy bought a new, big furry at an auction recently.  Since we got our new friend, I have been real nice to it, workin’ real hard to get it to like and trust me.  So, here is my plan….. I am going to start sleeping in the barn and I am gonna feed him, sing to him, and rub his belly.  Once I know that he likes me a lot, I am gonna to get him hard and measure his dick-cause I know it’s gonna be real big-like.  This is how I am gonna get his dick to grow for me…I am gonna squat down underneath his belly and gently rub his dick in my hands until it starts to stretch out-real long.  I will have a feeding tray in front of him to keep him distracted (if he wakes up).  I am going to rub and massage that furry dick until it grows the biggest that it can possibly get.  Then, I will use my tape measure and see how long it grows-hell, I bet it will grow to be about at least 2 feet or more.  I can’t wait to see.  Then, because I am a dirty whore, I am gonna suck it real good-and try to deep-throat it, just like I do with my Daddy’s dick!

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