Halloween Night with my Uncle

Hey Halloweenies Pervys!!!! I had a blast last night at my Uncle’s Halloween Swinger’s Party. There was just so many grown-ups there and they all dressed up in the coolest costumes. And yes, I still dressed up as my Uncle’s pet puppy dog. In fact, I had so much fun playing with my Uncle at that party that we kept the game going even after everyone left. *giggles* 😉

After everyone was gone for the night, My Uncle and I went into the living room to have more fun with special rubber black toy. *giggles* 😛 My Uncle told me now that we are alone I can start taking my costume off and get comfy. So I took off my black doggy collar that was around my neck and started to peel off the black tape that was cover booby buttons. Ooochie!!! That hurt my boobies!!! *giggles* 😉

Then my Uncle spread my legs wide open so he can place that special rubber black toy back inside of my tight “no-no” hole. *giggles* 🙂 I guess it is no longer going to be called that anymore. *giggles* 😉 That special black rubber toy feels so good in there that the only it I am going to say the word “no no” is when I am going to say ” Oh no no, don’t stop!… Gimme more!” *giggles* 😉

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