Big Thanks Austin, Texas


You called me on Monday night this week and gave me the BIGGEST screamin’ orgasm ever! The moment I heard your voice say hello, I felt my panty getting moist. You told me that you were from Austin, Texas and I thought to myself that you got me “hooked” on your longhorn. 😉 We talked and laughed for a while which made me not want you get get off the phone. Before long, you told me that if I was your woman that you would let me do whatever I wanted … even go fuck another guy with a BIGGER dick than you while you are still in the room! 😉 Oh Yeah baby, that is really hot! But what would turn me really on would for you to join me with that guy. Then that way we can all have a whole lot of fun together! 😉 The more we talked, the more I was sticking my fingers deep into my pussy lips. It felt so good when I stuffed all of my fingers in my tight wet hole while rubbing my clit with my thumb. The best part was when we came at the same time. I guess it is true what they say ” Everything in Texas is BIGGER!” Well Thank you Austin, Texas for that BIG cum load. I would just love to hear back from you anytime! Muah!

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