Haley has What You Need

This weekend was a wild party weekend for sure.  A friend of mine scored a huge load of some really good shit.  *wink*  I fucking stayed so high I swear at times I thought my heart was going to explode in my chest.  It was incredible!

So the friend of mine who got this good shit spent the weekend.  He is actually pretty generous because he let me snort up all I wanted and just had one tiny little request.  All he wanted was for me to put my little girl on my titties nursing me and I held her little ass up in the air so he could lick her tiny little asshole while he fucked me.

Who the fuck is going to say no to that?  She giggles and sigh’s and actually seems to like her little asshole being licked.  I love my tits getting sucked by her.  He has a very good cock and of course all the dust I can sniff is a fucking bonus indeed.

So we fucked, he licked, she nursed and I sniffed up snow like a fucking snowblower in reverse.  So that all ended on Sunday morning and I am just now recuperated enough to climb out of bed and function like I should.  I am only 19 years old now so I figure I have another good 10 years of partying in me before I have to worry about being a responsible adult.  🙂

For now though I am ready for some sick and twisted phone sex.  My cunny needs some extra nasty phone sex fetish play!

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