Once upon a summer day …

I brought you home from a pool party and to have you passed out drunk on my couch. When you woke up, you were covering in pretty make-up , push-up bra, and panties. You didn’t remember how you got to my house and why you were dressed like that. I showed you a video I taped of you when you blacked out drunk. On the video you confessed to me that you wanted me to turn you into a “pretty pretty pixie” so that guys would like you enough to let you suck on their chubby dicks. You were totally embarrassed and begged me not tell anyone but I said it was too late. I am a Princess and Princesses always get their way. So you agreed to do a threesome with my two hot sexy guy neighbors in exchange for the video. See , I knew you would see it my way and be that “pretty pretty pixie” cocksucker you crave to be. Don’t for get to swallow.

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