Guided Masturbation Techniques Help Men Become Better Lovers

guided masturbationI enjoy guided masturbation calls. Telling men how to stroke their cocks and controlling their every stroke makes me feel powerful. Men call me to jack off all the time. But so many men call me and cum at hello. Pretty pathetic, I know. There are minute men and there are second men. And guess what, guys? Women want neither. So, you need to commit to lasting longer so your partner can enjoy herself too.

Only two things can kill the mood for me. Small dicks and quick cummers. Most women do not have the time for either. And that is why men call me. Well, one of the reasons. But I can help you be a better lover with some cock control techniques. Edging helps men last for sex. Most men jackoff too much. I know it sounds wrong because how could something that feels so good be bad?

Women Do Not Want Minute Men or Smalls Dicks

It falls into the category of too much of a good thing can be bad. You jack off to porn so much that when you finally have a mouth or a pussy or even a hot ass on your cock you either cum in three pumps or cannot get it hard because you have become too used to your hand. I want to help you. Even if your dick is tiny and you cannot get laid, I want to help. At least I can help you have a better ball draining session with your hands.

But I require that you listen to me. Nothing worse than a chronic masturbator who will not listen on an edge play phone sex call. I know what women want. And I know what they do not want. No woman wants a three-pump chump. No minute men allowed in our pussies either. So, if you are a chronic masturbator or a quick cummer, you need the help of a sexy mistress to last for her pleasure. Her pleasure should be your pleasure too. So, let’s help you last for the occasion.

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