Grounded for 2 weeks…

Smoking out makes my cunny dripping wet and I plan on smoking out and rubbing my pussy for the next 2 weeks, lots.  So all my regular pervy callers always complain I am not available often enough well this week I will be here a LOT.  Normally I am gone and having fun and stuff but my parents grounded me for 2 weeks and I am STUCK here so I am hoping to cum LOTS to make being grounded more fun.

Soooooooo here is why I am grounded.  Not a funny story.  I had a quarter bag of weed hid under my bed and tucked up in the bed frame and my nosey mom found it.   Her excuse was “spring cleaning” but I think she was probably just being nosey when I wasn’t home and looking under my bed and happened to some how see it .  Now what is even worse than the 2 weeks of punishment is the fact that she FLUSHED my weed right in front of me.   Like OMFG the injustice of it!!!

Thats ok though I just paid her back by stealing money out of her purse and buying some more.  So these next 2 weeks I will be locked in my bedroom rubbing my cunny and partying with you dirty pervs!   YAY for punishment!

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