Gold Digger Janie

If you talked to me before then you know I am all about money and sex! The more money you give me the more phone sex you get from me. Although one day I am going to get paid even more for my talent when I become a porn star! Right now I just make home videos but soon it will be real! But, until that time I will just keep taking all the money I can from you if you want some pleasure from me. 

Don’t get mad at me because I love the finer things in life! Look at me I am fucking sexy and deserve every penny that I get. Your wives, and girlfriends are just jealous because they can not get what I do from you! 

I am a rich mans dream call me pay me and get your rocks off and never have to worry about a life time of misery being married to someone that nags and bitches all the time! 

You guys know what I am talking about. You would rather pay for a hot phone sex fuck than deal with your wife/girlfriend whining and bitching about your fantasy! 

So yes I am a GOLD DIGGER!  Call me I will never judge you about your ultimate fantasy as long as you are emptying that wallet to me! 

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