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Young Voice Phone Sex Slut

young voice phone sex


Young voice phone sex is something I really love to do for my most special callers. Their dicks get so hard just when I speak with my young voice. It’s so exciting and thrilling for those dirty little fucks to hear. And this party girl loves to make her guys happy.

First I start by describing what I’m wearing, usually a slutty little short skirt and crop top with my nipples poking out hard. Then I move onto telling them about my smooth tan legs and down to my cute little toes and the high arches in my feet.

Never forgetting to go and on about my sweet little juicy pussy. My gash is so sweet and full of folds and creases for some lucky guys tongue to explore. I love to explain how wet my box gets when I think about a guy tongue fucking me.

I just giggle and laugh and hum as I picture his head between my legs glazing his face with my shaved bald pussy. Slurping up every drop of my creamy goodness and sucking my cunt to climax gives this girlie shivers. Don’t you just love hearing all this in my high high high young voice?

Isn’t your erection just throbbing now? Are you starting to jerk your cock slowly listening to my every word? The anticipation makes your dick twitch  and you can’t help tugging on your shaft and squeezing your cock and mushroom tip over and over?

My voice is so enticing you can’t help picturing shoving your junk down my teen throat can you? You are dying to dump your load into my mouth filling it up with your sweet tangy sperm.

Fantasizing watching gulp down your baby batter into my taut little teen belly! Oh you bad bad boy! I know you love all of this young voice phone sex.

Slutty PSO craves cock

wet bald pussy


Being a PSO I’m constantly thinking and talking about fucking and big cocks, wet bald pussy and gang bangs.

I’ve always got my fingers down my panties

finger banging my twat and making my own toes curl as I glaze my own fingers with my frothy creamy white cum. I get my hands all sticky and slick with my lady lube. I can’t help being so horny and all wound up all the time! It’s impossible not to be, that’s why I keep a couple booty calls on stand by when my own digits don’t do the job and I need a good dicking down. Man are those guys so excited when that happens, when I give them a ring. Sometimes I call 2 or 3 that’s what i did yesterday morning and set up my own little Monday morning gang bang. I felt so fucking good getting fucked every which way to Friday and getting my rocks off over and over. It’s the fucking best to feel a good long hard stiff dick impale my cunt and bang me till I’m left in a sweaty jiz covered pile of sex.




Hypnosis Phone sex

erotic hypnosis phone sex



Worship me like the Sex Goddess I am. Relax and concentrate on my words erotic hypnosis phone sex will begin now. You are laying down on a soft couch and you feel relaxed and at the same time very sexually aroused. Your cock begins to throb and stiffen with each word. You reach into your pants and stroke your erection and feel the pre cum ooze out the tip. You are imaging just how soft and wet and warm my tight pussy would feel around your cock. The sensation of a hot moist tight box engulfs your schlong you can’t think of anything but seeing your dick disappear into my tight slit while you push past my beef curtains inch my inch it’s so tight you can barely control yourself. Don’t cum yet..”yes goddess” you whisper. Now I want you start to feel how my wet my mouth is has wrap my lips around your cock. You are thrusting deep down my throat and face fucking me as your orgasm builds deep inside your balls you pump faster into my face and you spray your batch of swimmers hard into my mouth and your body is limp. You gratefully kiss your Goddess feet in submission and gratitude

Bar Fly gets fucked

cock worshipping phone sex


“Okay, now let’s see. Is it shaved? Is it trimmed? Is it a strip? I’m guessing it is trimmed.” He said as he watched me stepping backwards and hitching my fingers under the waistband of my panties and began pulling them off my hips.


This cowboy I’d picked up my favorite line dancing bar was so fucking sexy. What do you expect from a cock worshipping phone sex slut? His tight ass wranglers showed off his healthy bulge without even being fully erect, now that he was aroused I could see the outline of the tip of his dick thru his jeans. God damn I think to myself I bet that massive rod is going to stretch the fuck out of my pussy. Being a phone sex slut, I’m instantly aware of the wetness spreading in the crotch of my panties from my cunt being so excited at the thought of how amazing this man was going to feel inside my tight slit.


I pulled my panties down slowly wanting to enjoy the reveal of my pussy to him.


He stood directly in front of my pussy as the panties slipped past and he said, “Oh, I was wrong! You have a strip and a nice smooth pussy, you cock sucking phone sex slut:”


“Dayhem gurl your pussy looked like a Georgia peach! With those tight lips and hard little clit poking from the top of it.”  I let my red g string drop to the floor and then leaned into his scruffy face in and he started to suck hard on my clit.


“OH FUCK!” I groaned loudly spreading my legs wider

so I my sexy cowboy had better access to me.


My clit swelled in his hot mouth as he sucked on it and at its hardest I felt his tongue start to flick back and forth across it which caused me to moan and grab his head and shove his face harder into my box, I could feel my juices start to leak out the sides of my cunt and he was slurping loudly not giving a fuck I just leaned back and let him work his magic tongue on my pussy.


MY thighs began to tremble and my knees bent slightly and tried to press my pussy harder against his face. I was about to cum and


Just before I thought I was ready to cum he stops and lifts his glazed wet face from my crotch and says “yeehaw mother fucka this is some good ass pussy, dis is the finest box I’ve ever licked, you taste so dayyyem good girl!”


“Oh gawd no! Please finish, make me cum!” I begged this fucker as I tried not to loose the orgasm I as so fucking close to before he stopped. I wrapped my thighs around his head and pulled him back into the position and he mumbled something but I just ignored him and told him “don’t fucking stop”  He got the point finally and flicked his tongue into my clit and pressed his fingers into my pussy hole and finger fucked me til my toes curled  and being the cock worshipping  phone sex slut that I am, I glazed his face like a donut.

Cocksucking Phone Sex Slut

cock sucking phone sex

His massive cock throbbed, and he pulled it out of my tight shaved pussy. Grabbing a fist full of my hair and pulling me to my knees. He rubbed his throbbing member against soft wet pussy lips, and I began to suck his pecker aggressively.

“God, I love cocksucking phone sex “I think to myself.

 Desperately I licked and slurped, trying to please this stranger. He let out a groan and a huge spurt of hot cum shot down my throat. I immediately started gagging and tried to pull off the massive erection, but he shoved my face back into his crotch and said keep sucking you slut bitch you know this is what you want stop fucking around.

This dude’s pecker continued spewing hot cum, shooting thick ropes of hot sticky cum all down my throat and was spilling out the sides of my mouth but I kept going. Cocksucking phone sex is what I crave so this is exactly what I’ve been dying to do…. That’s  it you stupid skank now you’re getting the picture don’t stop ok bitch. I nodded my head in agreement and swallowed the first round of jizz and it landed like lead weight in my stomach. How much dick sucking does this asshole want I thought to myself but kept obediently blowing this stranger without hesitation.

I kept that stiffy in mouth eating his dick for over an hour before he finally dumped his final load of sperm into my mouth.

He actually pinched my nose shut the last round so I had to swallow all of his spunk no getting around it.

You just love a cock in your mouth don’t you dirty whore? Damn you can suck one hell of dick though I’ll give you that as he zipped up his pants. He started the key in the ignition, and we were finally making our way to my apartment.

Oh god I start to wonder, is he going to come inside when we get to my place? I don’t think my jaw can take anymore I say to myself I’m already fighting lock jaw now…. well I guess I’ll find out soon enough as we pull into my driveway…

Play with A Dirty Whore

Adult Phone Chat

Being his adult phone chat freak is so much hot fun baby! We roleplay, we fuck, we party, and have so much fun! Do you want to join me and my daddy? He said he will share me with you for an evening if you pay for me of course. I get on my knees in front of you and start sucking your cock down my throat like the good slut I am. My pussy keeps getting wetter and wetter ready for your cock already! I slip my hand down in between my legs and start rubbing my clit as my throat constricts around your dick and your balls tighten up ready to shoot down my throat. I swallow you down and taste it in happiness!

I Need a Huge Fucking Cock

Adult Phone Chat

I love the idea of having a huge cock inside of me and that’s why I always go and get one when I felt the need for one. Toys can be so useless when you are craving the real thing, so I went to my nearest club and found a hot man with what looked like a huge dick print! We went back to my place, and I let him see every inch of my hot body before he took out his monster cock! All eleven inches of it made me drop to my knees and start sucking! I took him down my throat as far as it could go! he tasted so good! I know that stretch of my pussy is going to be exactly what I need!

Chloe’s Hot Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat

I love adult phone chat baby! Especially with a few drinks to get buzzed for a long night of fun! You poured me another glass of wine to get me officially bussed before dragging me into your room. You pull don my panties to find how wet my slutty pussy is and dip into my juices with your tongue. You’re always so kind as to make sure I cum first before anything and then when your solid and rock hard, you fuck me into your sheet! You pin my hands above my head and kiss me all along my skin. The smell of your sexy cologne fills my nose while you drive deep into my cunt. My screams of pleasure is music to your ears and when you cum in me, we get ready for round two.

Filthy Daddy’s Slut Need a Good Cock

Adult Phone Chat

This naughty slut needs a good dick to dick down the attitude I got! I love being naughty and getting into trouble. I fucked the entire college football team last week and everyone has heard about! they keep talking about it and everyone wants a pass at me. Even my teachers have a thing for me. My art teacher asked to bend me over and stuff me full of his cum and you know what? I let him! I went to his office after hours and he began planting kisses all over my exposed skin. He lifted off my shirt to grab and rub my tits and started sucking on my supple nipples. He worshiped my body top to bottom before removing my dark blue, lacy, cheeky panties and bent me over his desk. He took his cock out and pushed it deep inside of me in one go! He pounded me into the wooden desk, I’m sure my screams would be heard on the third floor if people were there!

Teen Fuck Slut Loves Cum Loads

Adult Phone Chat

I know you love adult phone chat with me as much as the next horny man does!! But, what makes you so different and special? Maybe it’s that fat cock? Or your bright ideas to fuck me in public? I loved that time when you bent me over in a train station and fucked me until my screams were louder than the trains themselves! Oh, is your cock getting hard right now thinking about it? here, let me help you with that! I kneel down on the ground and take your cock out as it pulses for me. I lick the tip and all around and start to take you down my throat! Oh yeah, baby! I’m going to take all that cum leaking out of your balls!