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I used my pussy all weekend taking older daddy cocks and getting fucked up with them! I think my cunt needs a break which means my little asshole is going to finally get the attention it deserves! I heard out to the streets after sending our a message that this week is sex into my tight ass hole only! I head out in my skimpy skirt and make my first stop at my uncle’s house! He lets his best friend take me to his bed and rip apart my clothes in a room that smells of cigars. I feel his hard cock forcing itself into my asshole! I could feel it ripping and he got off on my screams. Right after, I head out and do it all over again all night for the whole week!

Summertime Fucking

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I love having daddy’s cock! I could take it all night like I plan to take it all summer! I went out last night to a bar and let anybody touch me! I danced around in my beaded top and short shorts! I felt a hard cock rub against my thigh and I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth! Here is to a new summer season of cocks and tans hahaha! I began to pull his cock out of his jeans. He was so big and other dicks came over to join us too! Another girl did what I was doing and our gags could be heard across the bar with how fast and how much cock we were going through!

Dirty Whores

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I am a dirty whore! You want to know how right? Well started off my morning getting ready to suck my professor’s cock so he would ass me in his class but another girl had the same idea! I walked in on them with her on her knees deepthroating his cock in his office! I wanted to scream in jealousy but I made the best of it and told him I would let him fuck my cunt while he ate his ass out hahaha! I knew she was pissed but he had a big smile and could not resist and she had no other choice if she wanted to pass too! I stripped down and laid back on his desk and welcomed that dick into my cunt. Se got behind him and spent the next half hour licking his ass haha!

Gangbanged Slut on a Party Bus

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Being the dirty whore I am, means lots of fun trips to cock! My friends that helped me with these cocks got a party bus for our long trip to Seattle! I am so excited. I get to strip down and use the pole on the bus to show them all of my nice and sexy pole dancing tricks! We boarded the bus one at a time and took a few minutes to settle down. Only ten minutes in did they start grabbing my chest, my thighs, and my ass let me know that they want a turn with me first. I smiled and stripped down to my G-string thong panties and wrapped my arms around the pole. I danced for them and rubbed my ass against their cocks before one of them lowered me to my knees. They want to fuck me! My team really wants to fuck their little whore that they help around. I opened my mouth as I see them all start to unzip their pants and cocks come out. I take them into my mouth one by one and suck them off as good as I can while jerking off the others! They lifted me up to the couch of the bus and ripped my string thong to the side. I felt two cocks near my ass and pussy! They double penetrated me as I sucked on another cock and jerked off the final two! My entire body was being used by each cock at once! Before I knew it, they were all coming! I felt hot jizz from all of them leaking onto my face, ass, and chest! This is how I showed up to my next shoot to some very happy managers.

Hot Night Out

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Your sweet slut has the best idea! I went out partying with my girlfriends and invited you to the same club. You walk in and watch me dance with a girlfriend. I kiss her soft lips and let my tongue slip into her mouth while I look at you. I know your cock is getting hard and wanted me, isn’t it? You come over and touch us both to move with the music. We walk back to the hallways leading to the restrooms and we end up naked and eating each other’s pussies while you take out your cock to fun us in the dark hallway! Everyone is watching as you start fucking my pussy from behind. We finished the night off like this as others watched and touched us!

Late Night Rides

Adult Phone ChatCarnivals are so much fun! Let’s take a ride on the Ferris Wheel together! I have taken your hand and pulled you into the line. All the older men and boys have been staring at my ass as it hands out of my little black shorts and my tits almost bursting out of my corset-like crop top. As soon as they put us into a cage and start bringing us to the top, I pull my tits out to be hit with the cool breeze and hardening my nipples! I grab and rub your cock through your jeans and start to take them off. I put the tip of your cock in my mouth and start sucking. You tell me that I am your good girl and lean back and let me suck your cock for passing cages to see! 

Chloes Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat

Letting you use my body only brings more pleasure to my pussy! It’s why I invited you over for some decaf coffee, you know I want to do more than just talk after our second date went so well. I sent you those photos of my tits so be honest, did you jerk off that fat cock to my nudes? I want your cock out now! You are kind of stunned by my requests but can see how badly I need to suck your cock so you give it to me. I drop down to my knees and take you into my mouth! I let you grow hard down my throat and swallowed you whole. All the noises I make for you make you need this wet pussy more! We take it to my room and leave the coffee for you to fuck me!

Adult Phone Chat Whore Chloe

Adult Phone Chat

As the neighborhood slut, I think it is best that I always have a cunt full of cum for my boyfriend to eat out later! I make him get to his knees beneath me and stick his tongue out to taste it! He licks and laps it all up like a good boy. Tonight, I went out to see all of his best friends and let them dump their cum loads in me! I sucked their dicks down my tight throat and let them taste all my holes too! Let fucked and fucked until they were all drained into me! You should have seen the look on my boyfriend’s face when I finally asked him “How do all of your friends taste in my pussy?” He couldn’t help but go in for more!

Teen Pussy full of Cum

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This teen slut has been itching to be stuffed full like the cum dumpster I am! I’ve been dreaming of my best friend’s older brother, he is so hot and I just know his cock is hard! We went and got in the hot tub together when I stayed the night because neither of us could get any sleep. After a few drinks, we got closer and closer. He kissed my neck, soft and slow before getting more hard, rough, and aggressive. He grabbed me by my throat and took me to the couch on the outside deck. He shoved his hand into my bathing suit and fingered my cunt to see that I was already soaking wet for him. Our swimsuits were off in seconds as he shoved his big cock into my pussy and made me his! He fucked and fucked until I screamed for him! My cunt squirted all my juices as I called out his name. I can’t wait for the next sleepover!

Oral Whore

Adult Phone ChatAs your pussy princess, I expect you to bow down to me and not get up so I can walk towards you and shove my cunt in your face. Stick out your tongue and lap up my pussy juices as your cock grows hard for me. That’s right, don’t stop licking my pussy. Open wide and suck on my fat clit! You’re all big and rock hard cock looks like it wants to burst from your pants for me! Should I release it, baby? Unzip you and pull out your throbbing cock? I guess I should let you feel good in my mouth and let your cum. I take out your cock and lick it a little. But, don’t touch me or no more pussy treats for you! I take it into my mouth and suck the tip of your cock, getting a taste of salty precum, and suck harder, further down your dick! Are you going to cum down my tight throat?

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