Phone sex Monika



Look in to my eyes, cant you see my desire for you?  Well maybe not so much for you specifically but for your cock.  Maybe not for your cock specifically but for you to stroke it for me.  To hear you grunting as you pull and yank on it fervently with your only desire being to have the best orgasm possible.

Every orgasm you have in life you want the very next one to even be better.  You spend your entire life chasing the ultimate orgasms.  That kind of orgasm that leaves your balls feeling deflated and not so much as a drop of cum left in them.


That is essentially what I crave as well.  To give you that ultimate orgasm while achieving the same level of intense satisfaction for myself.  What fun would sex be without the chase for the best orgasms?  We have all experienced subpar cumming and I personally would prefer something mindblowing instead.  That perfectly draining mindblowing sensual experience.  Care to join me?

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