Granny needs a fix


mmmm This GILF is one nasty lady! And sometimes I really need to work out my kinks ** wink wink** . And right now I need my kinks worked over good. I have been feeling so nasty today. My cunt is dripping and I need to have it pounded! I had planned on just waiting for my date tonight.. But Granny just couldn’t wait. I needed to have my cunt stretched! So granny put on her sexiest little outfit, No panties or bra and I went to the little biker bar down the street! It didn’t take long to find a couple of nice big cocks to make it all better for me. They had a little storage room in the back they led me back to. Two big rough hard bikers with large thick cocks for me. And I greedily showed them what this grandma can do! I took turns sucking and milking those big cocks till they couldn’t handle it any more.. then I let them take turns fucking and filling me with hot cum! Mmmmmm Just the thing I needed to carry me over till my date!

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